“How To Grow Your Business Online With Social Media”
Without having to continuously bug your friends, family and the guy at your local grocery store to join your business...
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  • Did you know that 90% of businesses fail using social media? Find out if you fall into that category,
  •  It's all about Engagement - Learn the difference between selling and social selling and how you can build a relationship and connect with your audience using social media, so you build a tribe of raving fans and loyal followers,
  •  Enroll and Grow - How to use to social to actually enroll people and grow your business,
  •  Stop posting so often - It's not about quantity, it is all about quality. Discover the sweet spot for posting so that you do enough to capture your visitors attention but at the same time, you are not annoying the heck out of them,
  •  Create a powerful Personal Brand - so that you can stand out from the crowd. Without a Personal Brand, you become just another Entrepreneur and you won't stand out. learn how to do this the right way,
  •  Understand which platform is best for you - Not all social media platforms are created equal and not all of them are the best for you. We'll help you discover which one is best for you,
  •  How to grow your email list - One of the main things we need to be doing is actually growing our email list and social media allows us to do that effectively. The wealth is in your list,
  •  Creating a strategy so you stay organized - It's time to understand why we are posting and not just posting for the sake of it. Learn how to create yourself a social media strategy so that it helps you stay focused, on message, organized and no longer feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated,
  •  Common mistakes and how to avoid them - I will help you understand the most common mistakes made by Entrepreneurs using social media and how you can avoid those same mistakes. That is going to save you time, energy and money,
  •  How to build a business using social media - Hey we're not just posting on social to entertain people and show everyone our creative and pretty pictures right? We're building a business here. You're going to learn how to build a system and an online,
  •  How to create an automated Sales funnel using social media - This is the magic pill and the huge opportunity for you and your business. Learn how you can automate your sales funnel using social media so that you keep adding new targeted leads into your database 24/7. This is the way the PRO's do it.
  •  FREE VIDEO TRAINING - Just for registering you are going to get a very unique and powerful FREE video training on the single most important thing you can do for your business today...You're going to love it!
Kenneth Todd - Social Media Expert
For the past 9 years I have helped business owners all across the world grow their business online using social media.

I have worked with some of the top Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers in the world, helping them scale their businesses online and become leaders in their organization and industry, as well as having taught over 10,000 students online.

No matter what your social media goals are, I can assist you and help you create a business that you love, that is fun, that is rewarding and is authentically YOU.

I look forward to helping you make sense of this social media thing, have a clear picture of what you need to do in order to succeed and start ELEVATING your business using Social Media.

See you there...

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